FSWO Sp. z o.o. is a 360° agency, which for over 10 years has been supporting businesses in the area of marketing, sales and HR activities.

We create comprehensive solutions, taking into account knowledge from various areas of organization management. We fully implement employer branding campaigns, design activities that increase the engagement and loyalty of your employees and customers, increase the effectiveness of sales department, and develop full brand communication along with activation campaigns.

We come from the event industry, which is why event is an inseparable tool of our work. We show our clients how to use their potential and design campaigns, where the event is one of those tools that translate into the achievement of business goals.

We are open to dialogue, we believe that better understanding is the key to the success of the whole project. We cooperate with various industries, we know their specifics, thanks to which we gain invaluable experience in designing better and better solutions. Try us out!

ul. Miła 19 A, 64-100 Leszno, oddział - Kraków: ul. Konstantego Brandla 3, 30-732 Kraków
+48 65 888 00 73
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