The Ducat of Krakow Award+

The Ducat of Kraków is an award given since 1991, commissioned by the Czas Krakowski Journal. Initially, it was awarded to entrepreneurs from the Kraków area for significant business success in the era of the political and economic transformation in Poland. The award was given under the joint patronage of the Czas Krakowski Journal and the Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Since 1998, the Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the sole sponsor of the award. The main aim of the Ducat of Kraków Award is promotion of businesses and entrepreneurship. It is not awarded to businesses, but to people who founded them or run them. The award is meant to reward and recognise businesspeople for their economic performance, invention, and the ability to share one’s success with the immediate business environment.   

Since 2014, the Ducat of Kraków is traditionally awarded during the Chamber’s Day celebration.

Chamber’s Day+

Chamber’s Day is organised each year at the anniversary of the Chamber’s foundation on the 14th of November 1850. The celebration is an opportunity to bring together business actors from our region. It is an occasion to summarize our yearly activity as well as to recognise and reward outstanding businesses and businesspeople, who have significantly contributed to the economy of our region, and city.

The Chamber’s Day creates a tremendous opportunity to promote one’s brand, products or services not only among our member companies, but also among our distinguished invitees from culture, science, local and national government, diplomacy, and media.

During the celebration, in compliance with Council’s resolution, businesses that have stood out in the current year are granted an honorary mention in the Honorary Book of Awards and Distinctions. The recognised businesses receive a special certificate.