Mission and strategies of the Krakow Chamber of Commerce and Industry for 2017 - 2021


Representing the business interests of our member companies with the national government and EU institutions and supporting them in boosting their competitivity, innovation and promotion of their business in Poland and globally.


For several decades now the Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been implementing strategies for fostering strong self-regulating economic entities and providing comprehensive assistance for member companies in business development.

Our experience has demonstrated, however, that in order to adapt to the ever-changing business environment and meet our members’ expectations, our strategies must be subject to constant modification and actualisation. As we are currently observing stronger tendencies towards excessive regulation and control of business activity, it is vital to that we show resolve in protecting private ownership and entrepreneurial freedom regardless of the political climate. Simultaneously, a worsening situation on the job market puts employers in an unfavorable position.

Consequently, the Chamber sets the following priorities which it also considers to be its long-term strategic objectives:

  • participating in legislation drafting based on expertise of our member companies and that of external institutions,
  • supporting all actions advocating and promoting extensive self-regulation in Poland,
  • cultivation and dissemination of high ethical business standards among our members as well as actions aimed at promoting social responsibility in business.
  • increasing competitivity of businesses and assisting entrepreneurs in implementing innovative technologies as well as supporting their presence on the European Single Market and third markets.
  • facilitating knowledge and experience exchange between our member companies and economic self-regulating institutions from abroad,
  • stimulating economic growth through fostering job creation and facilitating effective recruitment of qualified workers,
  • representing and protecting the interests of business,
  • continuous actualisation and adaption of Chamber’s membership offer, fostering business relationships among its members, facilitating business integration through Chamber’s events and actions.

In order to accomplish these strategic objectives by 2021, the Chamber shall undertake actions in the following areas:


The Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry will strive to continue its activity focused on fostering entrepreneurship. In doing so, it will cooperate with various institutions from the region which actively contribute to the economic growth. In order to increase competitivity of companies, the Chamber will undertake actions favouring the establishment of knowledge economy.

In order to attain its strategic objectives in this particular area, the Chamber shall:

  • continue to carry out joint projects with universities and higher schools fostering the development of entrepreneurship and increased cooperation between educational facilities and businesses,
  • look for sector investors in start-ups among its member companies,
  • increase its cooperation with AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow University of Technology, and Cracow University of Economics as per their respective partnership agreements,
  • create a bank of ideas and innovation, which are currently in research process or ready to be implemented.
  • collaborate with Technology Transfer Centres at the AGH University of Science and Technology and Cracow University of Technology in the matter of promotion and implementing R&D under the framework of the Enterprise Europe Network.
  • organise trainings, seminars, conferences devoted to entrepreneurship and aimed at boosting innovation in companies, with a particular focus on increasing the use of e-learning platforms.
  • having obtained the Quality Management System Certificate, broaden its pro-innovation offer of information services, trainings, and consultancy
  • strengthen the cooperation with the Kraków Technology Park and Małopolska Regional Development Agency in terms of preparing the infrastructure favouring the increase of the number of innovative companies active in clusters and the Kraków Technology Park.


The international presence of the Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry shall be focused predominantly on promotion of our member companies on foreign markets in accordance with the guidelines and priorities set by the government of the Republic of Poland in the matter of international trade.

In particular, any activity in terms of international collaboration shall be undertaken in compliance with the strategies devised by our region and the city of Kraków so that our ventures, jointly undertaken with the Kraków City Hall, and the Marshall Office of the Małopolskie Region, bring discernible effects in promoting our city, and region. Above all, however, it is our utmost priority to create positive image of entrepreneurs operating in our region as well as to contribute to the development of regional businesses.

In this area, we formulate the fallowing objectives:

  • increasing cooperation in terms of promoting our region with the fallowing institutions: Investor Centre at the Kraków City Hall, Business in Małopolska, Małopolska Regional Development Agency, The Kraków Technology Park, etc.
  • organising internal and external economic missions, in collaboration with the Kraków City Hall, the Marshall Office of the Małopolskie Region, and Małopolska Regional Development Agency,
  • as part of the Enterprise Europe Network, providing consultancy, information and assistance for entrepreneurs with international ambitions
  • continuing our cooperation with Kraków-based Consulates general, Warsaw-based embassies as well as Polish diplomatic posts worldwide,
  • realising more effectively the terms of agreements concluded with foreign chambers of commerce for further promotion and support of our member companies in respective countries.
  • co-hosting the European Congress of Local Governments, furthering the cooperation and promoting our companies in participating countries.


The Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry shall submit applications for EU funding of its projects in order to maintain the high quality of services provided for entrepreneurs such as consultancy, counselling, organising trainings, and conferences. Much like in the previous years, the Chamber shall provide information, support member companies in seeking EU funding for innovation and investment.

In order to attain the objectives specified in this area, the Chamber shall:

  • as part of the Enterprise Europe Network, provide comprehensive assistance for entrepreneurs seeking EU funding,
  • continue to seek EU funding for its statutory activity, that is providing trainings, consultancy, and holding conferences, with the overarching intention of broadening our offer of free-of-charge services for entrepreneurs,
  • seek greater cooperation with the Marshall Office in terms of assessment of EU-funded projects aimed at developing the infrastructure in the region, and fostering entrepreneurship,
  • As part of EEN Branch, continue its cooperation with the European Commission.


The Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a leading self-regulating business organisation in the region of Małopolska, fostering growth of the local economy, representing and supporting businesses in our region and throughout Poland and beyond.

In order to further strengthen its position and perform its function, the Chamber sees vital to:

  • broaden and concretize its collaboration with local and national authorities,
  • seek to strengthen the rule and position of local self-regulating business associations in Poland, i.a. by amending the Chamber of Commerce Act from 1989,
  • strike cooperation with local government institutions in the region of Małopolska and nationally in order to present opinions, evaluations, and interventions in defence of business interests,
  • commencing promotional activities among entrepreneurs explaining the rule and importance of economic self-governance in facilitating business activity.

The Chamber shall implement the above-mentioned priorities by:

  • continuing its activity in the Joint Commission of Local Government and Self-regulating Associations of Małopolska,
  • cooperating with local government institutions in the region of Małopolska, and national institutions with the aim of promoting Kraków-based companies as well as those operating throughout the Małopolska region, in particular its own member companies, as potential contractors of investments realized in the region of Małopolska,
  • voicing our expertise in traditional media outlets as well as in social media by initiating discussions pertaining to various economic issues,
  • collaborating with local media in terms of promotion of its member companies, by using such channels as YouTube, local television channels, and Facebook, among others.
  • continuously promoting its member companies among the members of the Chamber,
  • active contribution by the Chamber’s experts sitting on various panels and committees appointed by national and local administration offices as well as other public institutions,
  • holding regular meetings of its industry sections, and member companies, and seminars, resulting in a further integration and improved information flow between member companies,
  • enhancing integration and cooperation between self-regulating business entities and other organisations of entrepreneurs from the region of Małopolska as well as the Chamber’s cooperation with other significant chambers throughout Poland in order to jointly advocate for business interests in the region Małopolska and nationally;
  • contributing to and supporting recruitment processes of its member companies by an enhanced presence during various job fairs and collaboration with career offices of our partner universities.


It is the Chamber’s core responsibility to foster positive image of businesses operating in the region, as well as to disseminate the rules of trade and commerce integrity as well as good practices of doing business.

In order to accomplish the above-mentioned objectives, the Chamber shall:

  • promote social corporate responsibility rules,
  • promote the accomplishments of companies by making honorary mentions in the Honorary Book of Awards and Distinctions during the celebration of the Chamber Day,
  • recognise and reward leading managers and business owners by awarding the Ducat of Kraków Award.
  • work towards dissemination and further development of mediation and out-of-court dispute resolution as the most effective forms of commercial resolution.


The Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a leading self-regulating business organisation in the region of Małopolska. Our broad scope of services for businesses, experienced and qualified team paired with our extensive network of contacts with similar institutions guarantee an all-round offer of high-quality services for entrepreneurs.

Implemented in 2004, the Management Quality System based on the PN - EN ISO 9001 standard compels us to continuously improve the quality of our pro-innovation offer of information services, trainings and consultancy. The Chamber performs systematic monitoring of the satisfaction among entities seeking our services.

In order to increase the activity of its Kraków-based Office, the Chamber shall undertake to:

  • improve continuously and broaden its offer of services for businesses
  • provide professional trainings for employees working directly with entrepreneurs in order to be able to offer high-quality services,
  • systematically monitor and survey customer satisfaction among entrepreneurs using our services,
  • further ameliorate its system of communication with member companies, business institutions, and local government offices by revamping the Chamber’s website iph.krakow.pl as well as that of the Enterprise Europe Network, offering a general newsletter and informational newsletter ‘Economic News’.
  • actively promote membership and continuously seek new members
  • seek greater cooperation with local media,

seek funding from various institutions in order to broaden its offer of services and increase its activity.