FHU INSTBUD was established in September 1981 by the current owner, Stanisław Bogut, whose aim was to satisfy and constantly meet the expectations and needs of all customers. The company, from year to year, has increased the number and scope of services that resulted in its rapid development and expansion. Currently, it is a versatile company with qualified staff and well- equipped hardware, which affects the quality and the quick provision of services. Acting on the market for almost 30 years, we have gained the recognition of many contractors, both private investors and the budget sector at the level of municipalities and counties. The company continues to grow to favour of our clients, the best proof is the quality system introduced and received in July 2003, quality management certificate ISO 9001:2000.

ul. Nieznanowice 50, 32-420 Gdów
+48 12 251 08 70, fax. +48 12 251 08 72
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