The BUMA Group is a complex of companies operating in the area of office and residential investments, real estate management, general contracting of façades and the general contracting of investments. The BUMA Group has been operating on the Krakow market since 1991. For more than twenty five years, the company has constructed over 2,000 apartments, 300 single-family houses and office buildings with a lettable area of about 200,000 m². The BUMA Group is a leader on the office market in Krakow. The company's executions include such investments as: Wadowicka 8W, Buma Square Business Park, Onyx Office Building, Rondo Business Park, Green Office, Quattro Business Park with the Five building, Aleja Pokoju 5 and the Dot Office office complex, buildings A, B, C, D and E. The latest investments of the BUMA Group include: Dot Office, F and G buildings, Tertium Business Park, Wadowicka 3 office complex and Cu Office - the first investment in Wroclaw.

ul. Wadowicka 6, 30-415 Kraków
+48 12 297 22 23, fax. +48 12 269 20 96
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