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Andruszko Investment is a company created out of passion for investments and real estate. We buy and renovate apartments in cooperation with experienced architects and subcontractors. Our strength is a carefully selected team of professionals and over a decade of experience in project management, which guarantee timeliness, quality and satisfaction of both clients and investors.

At the moment we develop our new line of business, which consists of building year-round premium holiday cottages. Our vision is to create a place that will combine modernity, functionality and ecology, being an ideal place for people looking for peace, privacy and contact with nature. We plan to implement our first project in 2025 in a picturesque area near Krakow.

In addition to investing in real estate, we also deal with education and personal development. Andruszko Academy is a training company that offers Mindfulness courses for companies, mainly managers. Mindfulness training helps to reduce stress, find balance and maintain calmness and concentration in business.

We also do not forget about those who need our help and support. Andruszko Foundation is a charity foundation that supports children from orphanages in the areas of education, sports and preparation for future employment. We organize workshops, camps, extracurricular activities and internships for them.

Andruszko Investment, Andruszko Academy and Andruszko Foundation have a common mission - we want to help people live better, healthier and happier. We are looking for partners from the construction industry, investors, companies interested in Mindfulness training and individuals who want to support our Charity Foundation.



Kuźnicy Kołłątajowskiej 27U, 31-234 Kraków
+48 695 935 198
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