Enterprise Europe Network is one of the most important instruments of the European Commission of supporting SMEs. It’s an extensive network, which in 2008 incorporated two existing networks: Euro Info Centres, and Innovation Relay Centres. As its slogan puts it, it provides support in close proximity of the SMEs. It currently brings together no less than 600 organisations, including chambers of commerce, regional development organisations, and university technology centres. Altogether, it connects more than 4,000 professionals from over 40 countries.

The object of the network is supporting SMEs in increasing innovation and growing internationally. It is tasked with raising awareness among SMEs about the policies of the European Commission. EEN offers an extensive network of contact points for entrepreneurs, where they can seek advice and enjoy a broad range of accessible services.

The EEN Branch with the Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry operates as part of the regional consortium for southern Poland, comprising 9 partner members from four Polish voivodships (małopolskie, świętokrzyskie, and podkarpackie, and Silesia). More information regarding its partners, services for SMEs, and events can be found on the consortium’s website: http://een.net.pl/. In Poland, there are currently 30 local EEN branches grouped in 4 consortia. Their activity is coordinated by the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. It runs a dedicated website offering more details about all Polish EEN branches, including necessary contact information. When it comes to global news regarding the EEN network, it can be found on the network’s website available in English: http://een.ec.europa.eu/.

The Enterprise Europe Network Branch with the Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports SMEs from the south of Poland (predominantly from the region of Małopolska) with an overarching aim to increase their competitivity on the European Single Market. Through cooperation with foreign EEN contact points, it equally supports European businesses wanting to build their name in the region. More detailed information regarding specific services and current affairs of the EEN Branch with the Chamber can be found in the News section of our website.

Sixty percent of the EEN activity budget by 2021 is subsidised by the EU programme for the Competitiveness of Enterprises and Small and Medium-sized Enterprises – COSME. The remaining forty percent is provided from public funds, which is why the services offered by the Polish EEN branches for Polish entrepreneurs are completely free of charge.

The Enterprise Europe Network Branch with the Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry offers:

  • Assistance for SMEs in accessing funds from the EU and beyond,
  • Trainings, seminars, and conferences for business,
  • Legal and practical advice regarding various aspects of the European Single Market,
  • Information and consultancy services regarding business activity on European markets,
  • Active search for international partners,
  • Inscribing your business into the international Partnership Opportunity Database, the aim of which is to connect Polish entrepreneurs with their international counterparts in the view of both commercial and technical collaboration (licencing, know-how, technological cooperation, joint-venture or trade agreements with technical support),
  • Verifying and transmitting information at the request of entrepreneurs about contact information of international companies whose offers targeted at Polish businesses already exist in the POD,
  • Sending e-mail notifications about open applications for selected programmes and projects such as structural funds, Horizon 2020, COSME, Horizon Europe, etc., eligible for SMEs. This service is called Info Watch and is free of charge. Our subscribers receive information about open calls for programmes of their choice,
  • Preparing technological audits for businesses in order to increase their market competitivity,
  • SMEs innovation audits with the IMP3rove, and Innovation Health Check methods,
  • Information about EU legislation, standards, and policies. Furthermore, the EEN is tasked with consulting SMEs as to potential changes in the EU legislation and EU strategies under the framework of the SME Feedback mechanism,
  • access to publications by the European Commission,
  • organising and co-organising economic missions, and brokering meetings for SMEs, including meetings held at leading global fairs,
  • subscription to the newsletter prepared by the EEN Branch with the Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry.