The Małopolska Centre for Arbitration and Mediation at the Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry continues the esteemed tradition of fostering out-of-court dispute resolution for businesses, that is instrumental to Chamber’s values. Since 2000, the Chamber has been successful in developing the activity of its Court of Arbitration, which offers a professional, rapid, and efficient instrument of dispute resolution for businesses, which is a vital alternative to traditional court systems.

Striving to meet the expectations of our members and having concluded that too many commercial disputes end in courts still, the Chamber has decided to broaden its offer of alternative dispute resolution methods by adding mediation services.

The Małopolska Centre for Arbitration and Mediation was brought into existence under the framework of the ‘Centres for Arbitration and Mediation – Pilot Project’, coordinated by the Ministry of Economy in cooperation with six partners from various regions of Poland. It was an unprecedented initiative, unparalleled in its prestige and impact it had on promoting mediation and arbitration among entrepreneurs.

Supervised by the Ministry of Justice, the initiative is now a national programme with unified operation standards. Currently, the network comprises a total of 16 centres located in all 16 regional capitals of Poland.

The Małopolska Centre for Arbitration and Mediation operates under the framework of the ‘Małopolska Centre for Arbitration and Mediation’ programme (no. POWR.02.17.00-00-0040/17) as part of the 2014-2020 Knowledge Education Development Operational Programme, part-financed by the European Social Fund (ESF).

As such, the work of its team is supervised by top Polish ADR professionals responsible for the training of its arbitrators as well as guaranteeing the quality of its services.

The main objective of the Centre is providing out-of-court resolution of commercial disputes.

Rapid, confidential, and fully professional, the Małopolska Centre for Arbitration and Mediation substantially facilitates running a business.