The Court of Arbitration is convened to resolve civil disputes in an impartial and independent manner, in particular disputes regarding national and international business matters.

The Court of Arbitration is a non-public legal entity, independent of the judicial system, established by the Civil Dispute Resolution Act.  

Arbitral tribunals are divided into:+

  • Ad-hoc tribunals, whereby the arbitrators are appointed to resolve a particular dispute
  • Permanent courts of arbitration, operating at institutions such as chambers of commerce and industry.

The competence and jurisdiction of arbitral tribunals, as well as their procedures are regulated by Part Five of the Polish Civil Procedure Code.

While arbitral tribunals guarantee a rapid dispute resolution procedure, their judgments are equal in value and significance to judgments of common courts. The enforcement proceedings may ensue under the same rules as it is in the case of common court judgments. The arbitral tribunals work faster and are, on balance, cheaper than common courts. In case of arbitration, it is up to the parties to appoint arbitrators, whom they therefore usually consider to be trustworthy and who are experts in the subject matter of the dispute. In contrast, in common courts the parties do not have a say as to the formation of the court.

Types of disputes that may be resolved in a court of arbitration:+

  • Property disputes,
  • Civil disputes.

By virtue of the resolution adopted by the General Meeting of Members on the 31st of March 2000, the Court of Arbitration is an integral part of the organisation scheme of the Chamber.

The composition of the Court of Arbitration:+

  1. The Council is composed of three members: Chairman Prof. Wojciech Pyzioł, Ph.D., Krzysztof Labe, Attorney, and Andrzej Zdebski – Chairman of the Kraków Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  2. The Board of the Court is composed of the following members: President of the Court of Arbitration, Prof. Elżbieta Traple, Ph.D., Attorney, Janusz Długopolski, Attorney, Halina Kwiatkowska, Solicitor, Jerzy Muzyk, Solicitor
  3. Secretary of the Court of Arbitration: Michał Babij
  4. The Directory of Permanent Court Arbitrators features 49 arbitrators, mostly attorneys and solicitors. While they are predominantly specialists in various areas of law, there are also several experts in foreign legal systems (Germany, Italy, etc.). The list features managers and experts from diverse industries as well.