Krakow is a modern metropolis in which over a million people live and work. It is home to 150 thousand students, 23 universities, more than 200 international corporations employing nearly 80 thousand people in sectors such as: finance, IT, services, research and development, business analytics. In recent years, the city has become one of the best places in Poland for the development of innovative business. This is reflected in the activities of Krakow entrepreneurs. Thanks to the activity of the scientific community, excellent research infrastructure, the constant presence and development of Polish companies and international corporations, Krakow offers one of the best conditions in the country for developing your own business.

Krakow is currently one of the fastest growing metropolises in Poland in terms of its economy. This is confirmed by the city's high position in international rankings.

fDi’s European Cities and Regions of the Future 2020/21:
Top 10 Easter European Cities of the Future 2020/2021 - 10th place
Top 10 Large European Cities of the Future 2020/2021 - 8th place

  • economic potential category - 7th place
  • business friendliness category - 7th place

Kraków in the Top 25 of the Tech Cities of the Future 2020/21 international ranking prepared by fDi and TNW.
Information was collected for 76 locations in the following categories: economic potential, innovation and attractiveness, results in acquiring direct foreign investments, cost-effectiveness and start-up environment.

According to Portal, Krakow is one of the main startup centers in Poland, with a high rate of startup growth - 20%. Krakow is the leader of startups in the IoT and EduTech sectors.

Krakow took the 8th place in Europe and 2nd in Poland in the „CEE Investment Report 2019: Thriving Metropolitan Cities” ranking of the most dynamically developing cities in the European Union. Krakow was also in the lead - 3rd place in the category of "percentage of people with a higher education", second only to London and Warsaw.

In the CBRE „EMEA Tech Cities” ranking, Krakow was on the list of cities with the highest growth potential in the technology sector in Europe, ranking 3rd in the "Growth Clusters" category (Krakow has increased employment in the hi-tech sector in the last 10 years by 66 percent).

Development prospects+

The metropolitan climate, universities, students, branches of global corporations and research institutes - there is no shortage of this in Krakow. Krakow, as a smart and modernly governed city, focusing primarily on the quality of life of its inhabitants, is certainly a place where you want to live and work. Being aware of our own potential, we consistently promote its key ingredients, which brings results in the form of investor decisions. The city was at the forefront in terms of investments by companies from knowledge-based industries whose success depends on human capital. This potential was noticed in the Krakow Development Strategy of 2005, as well as in the document adopted at the beginning of 2018 - Krakow Development Strategy. This is where I want to live. Krakow 2030. The city is therefore a reliable partner for investors, and everyone who contributes to the creation of new jobs is treated here with special kindness. As a result, companies not only do not leave Krakow, but also strive to expand their activities, and new players are entering the market. In its development policy, the City aims at the rational use of the existing resources in the areas intended for investment, and at the same time wants to introduce the strict protection of green areas. Development prospects are included in the Study of the Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development. This document defines the spatial policy objectives referring to the strategic goals of the city's development. They assume that Krakow will be, among others: a European metropolis - a center of modern economy and high technologies, science, culture and tourism, and a city friendly to residents - attractive to live and stay in. They correspond with the provisions of the Krakow Development Strategy. In both documents you can find a reference to the so-called large strategic urban projects, such as Krakow - Airport, Płaszów - Rybitwy (Nowe Miasto), and Nowa Huta of the Future. The idea of implementing these projects is primarily to serve as a stimulus for new solutions, new investments, in order to ensure intensive urbanization of the city, create diversified functionality and be based on innovative spatial solutions. We invite you to invest in Krakow.

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